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About Kreativ Font

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Kreativ Font is a typography, fonts and webfonts showcase website launched in 2012 by Andrei Olaru, as being part of the Kreativ project.

Our products focus on typography and we also offer typeface design and services.

As my day job, I’m an engineer at a software company, but in my free time I try to develop and maintain a few projects as a hobby, hoping that one day these will become my full time job!

All over this website I often refer as WE because, over time many people have put their efforts, ideas and also creativity into this project.

So, I want to say a big THANK YOU to:
– All that helped me or encouraged me in any way: Andra, Alex, Radu, Adi, Mihai, Razvan, Sebi, Tipi, Lucean, Vlad, Tudor, George, Cami and, last but not least, my wonderful wife Iulia!
– YOU and everyone that visited this website. Enjoy your stay!

If you have suggestions, ideas, articles or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Address: St. Frederic Chopin, No.7, Bucharest, Romania.
Support E-Mail: andrei.olaru@gmail.com
Support Phone: +40741242868 – available anytime between 08:00AM and 10:00PM CET