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Alek is a stylish and energetic font, created by Emil Karl Bertell and published by Fenotype which contains two types of stroke widths and a decoration collection. With large variety of typographic features ( Swash, Contextual, Stylistic, Discretionary, Tubular or Old Style) which can be activated whenever the user wants, together with a whole collection of decorative elements, Alek provides the appropriate means to accomplish your design.

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Alek font details

Foundry: Sudtipos
Formats: OTF
Glyphs: Available in all of the styles: Diacritics, Currency, Ligatures, Small Caps, Central Europe, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian, Open Type Alternates, Open Type Contextual, Other Open Type, Open Type Swah, Other Open Type
Licence: Desktop, Webfont, App, eBook, Server
Released: 2013
Price: starting from $16.25 with all 5 for $32.50

Note: ‘Alek’ is a trademark of Fenotype.