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Bourton is a multi-layered typeface family created by Kimmy Kirkwood and published by Kimmy Design. Build as a companion to the famous Burford font, Bourton is available in 34 fonts featuring 6 base layer fonts,
6 top layer fonts, 6 extrude fonts, 5 drop shadow fonts + 5 solo styles, 2 line fonts for secondary text etc. Bourton also comes equipped with stylistic alternates, multilingual support and 30 logo templates ready made for you. Bourton can be a huge resource for any designer.

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Bourton font details

Designer: Kimmy Kirkwood
Foundry: Kimmy Design
Styles: Base, Inline, Marquee, Stripes A, Stripes B, Stripes C, Base Drop, Dots, Line Light, Outline Light, Outline Medium, Outline Bold, Extrude, Outline, Shade A, Shade B, Shade C, Shadow,Drop Shadow, Drop Extrude, Drop Line, Drop Stripes A, Drop Stripes B, Line Medium, Line Bold
Licence: Creativ Market Standard Licence
Released: November 2016
Price: all 18 fonts for only $99