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Clavo is a multipurpose serif font created by Michał Jarociński and published by Dada Studio. Featuring ten weights, each with italics and other open type goodies, Clavo‘s warmth is given by it’s balanced proportions and forms making it a universal type family. You’re gonna love this one!


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Clavo font details

FoundryDada Studio
Glyphs: Basic latin, Currency, Diacrtics, Ligatures, Small Caps, Alternates, Dingbats
Format: Open Type OTF
Licencing: Desktop, Webfont
Released: 2013
Note: Clavo was picked by Call For Type exibition in New Typefaces category and is presented in the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, Germany
Price: starting from $29 for one font, all 20 fonts for $290