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Corporative is a powerful semi-serif created and published by Latinotype, Chile’s first digital foundry founded in 2011 and based in Santiago and Concepción. Featuring a distinctive personality, Corporative features the standard set of 350 characters, a wide range of weights and widths, strong and clear lines, making it suitable everywhere you need to suggest a strong identity. Corporative is also the first font family developed by the Latinotype team which comprises of Javier Quintana, César Araya, Bruno Jara, Luciano Vergara and Daniel Hernández. Get corporate quality with Corporative!


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Corporative font details

Foundry: Latinotype
Formats: Open Type OTF
Glyphs: Basic Latin, Diacritics, Currency, Ligatures
Styles: Regular, Italic, Hair, Thin, Light, Book, Medium, Bold, Black, Alt, Condensed, Alt Condensed
LicenceDesktop, Webfont, App, Server, eBook
Released: June, 2015
Price: $26 for one font, all 64 fonts (the complete family) for only $289

Corporative font preview