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Helvetica Now

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Helvetica Now is a contemporary typeface created by Max MiedingerCharles NixMonotype StudioJan Hendrik Weber and published by Monotype. Designed with clean and modern lines which show clarity and legibility, Helvetica Now keeps up with the latest design requests, that is essential in order to create great projects. It includes 48 fonts that come in three sizes (Micro, Text, Display). Carefully projected to suit the needs of the size, each of the three dimensions focuses on readability, using straight, vertical lines and ample letter spacing. It communicates confidence and professionalism. It also provides an extensive set of alternates which comprises a hooked version of the lowercase l, a rounded G, a straight-legged R, a single story a and a lowercase u. This is meant to enable designers to customize their own typeface and create unique identities. Due to all these typographic features, Helvetica Now allows you to make responsive web design possible and at the same time create a sense of visual harmony and cohesiveness.

Helvetica Now font details

Designer: Max Miedinger, Charles Nix, Jan Hendrik Weber
Foundry: Monotype
Styles: Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Ultra, Black, Italic, Hairline
License: MyFonts Helvetica Now font license
Format: Open Type OTF
Released: 2019
Price: complete family of 48 fonts for $149

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Helvetica Now font

Helvetica Now font