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Hops and Barley

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Hops and Barley is a vintage font collection created by Emil Karl Bertell and published by Fenotype. Providing a large selection of styles (script, bold script,  serif, sans serif, bold sans serif, condensed sans serif) catchwords, ornaments, this typeface is meant to create a robust and timeless classic look. The rough lines, eroded structures and fluid dimensions, that merge together in multiple ways, create a subtle worn effect and make the texture more visible. Hops and Barley offers excellent font variations to use either together or separately. All these features make it very versatile for a broad variety of design projects, from display use to packaging, posters or logo.


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Hops and Barley font details

Designer: Emil Karl Bertell
Styles: 6 Regular styles
Licence: MyFonts Hops and Barley Font License
Format: Open Type OTF
Released: 2019
Price: 16 fonts for $50

Hops and Barley font preview