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Inkheart is a handmade font collection created by Emil Karl Bertell and published by Fenotype which is available in 22 fonts, different styles such as Sailor, Brush, Script, Serif etc., some Catchwords, Patterns (can create floral borders), Ornaments and useful OpenType Features. All that to make your job easier. It was designed to be suitable for any kind of project, poster, sign painting, branding, advertising, tattoo et. Cannot miss it!


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Inkheart font details

Foundry: Fenotype
Glyphs: Basic Latin; Only is availabe in some of styles in this family: English Letters, Diacritics, Currency, Euro, Ligatures, Central Europe, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian, Alternates, Swash, Other OpenType
Styles: Script, Text, Brush, Wide, Pirate, Sailor, Circus, Sans, Serif, Catchwords, Ornaments, Patterns
Licence: Desktop, Webfont, App, eBook, Server
Released: 2016
Note: “Inkheart” is a trademark of Fenotype.
Price: all 22 fonts for $189