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Jabana is an stylish super compressed font created by Nils Thomsen and published by Nils Types. Named after Jebena, a container used to brew coffee in the Ethiopian, Jabana was initially inspired by the simplicity and elegance of café menu designs (“while having a Schorle at Hamburgs coffee bars” as author put it).
Jabana grew over time to over 1500 glyphs and is characterized by rounded forms, compact handwritten shapes and a large variety of opentype features. It includes uppercase letter shapes, punctuation symbols, accented letters, fractions, mathematical glyphs, superiors and inferiors which come in three varieties of alternates. You might want to check Jabana Alt for a different take and Jabana Extras for some awesome specials and ornaments. Jabana can add a very personal touch to your design project!

Jabana font details

Designer: Nils Thomsen
FoundryNils Types
Formats: Open Type OTF
Glyphs: Basic Latin, English Letters, Diacritics, Currency, Ligatures, Alternates, Contextual, Dingbats & Symbols
Styles: Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, Wide, Extra Wide, Extended, Extra Extended, Compressed
Licence: Desktop, Webfont, App, Server, eBook
Released: 2014
Price: starting at $24 for one font, with all 20 fonts for only $146