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Kreativ Font February 2013 News

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First, THANK YOU for using the Kreativ Font!

I want to share with you some of the later developments that are in progress or already done for Kreativ Font:

1. We started the Kreativ Font foundry that already published two fonts created by Andrei Olaru. We have already released two fonts, Maria and Gross.

2. If you use Google Chrome, we have created the Kreativ Font App and Font App Extension for you.

3. Mobile phone users can access the Font App directly. Here we are in progress with a mobile application.

4. We started the Logos sections that features fonts used in very known brands logos.

5. We now have multiple ways for you to keep in touch or contact us”

Twitter: KreativFont@Twitter

Facebook: KreativFont@faceBook

Google+: KreativFont@Google+

Tumblr: KreativFont@Tumblr

WordPress: KreativFont@Wordpress

For any questions or requests you can contact us here: https://kreativfont.com/contact