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Star Jedi

Star Jedi is a Start Wars inspired font family created by Boba Fonts. Star Jedi consist in four styles as the author put it:

Star Jedi is a capitals only font, with a lot of variations and connections.


Star Jedi is a bold font that reproduces exactly the Star Wars logo’s typeface. The small letters are all capitals, while the capitals are serif variants. A few simple link-lines allow you to create complex letter groups, as shown below. Besides, you’ll find some dingbats reproducing the whole Star Wars logo letter group, the Imperial and the Rebellion logos, etc

Star Jedi Hollow is the contour version of Star Jedi, but, in order to maintain the capability to create letter groups and connections, it must be quite different. Due to the nature of a closed contour glyph, you can’t simply apply closed link-lines or plugs on it without injuring the continuity of the contour. Contours to be linked definitely must be open. The small letters are the hollow version of the small letters in Star Jedi (all caps, sans serif) with a closed contour; the capitals have an open contour, that’s totally linkable.

Star Jedi Rounded is a little variant of the main Star Jedi font, not included in the collection: the only difference is a rounded style in some letters

Star Jedi Outlined is a variant of the main Star Jedi Hollow: the difference is an outline around each glyph”

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