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Most popular fonts of 2011

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MyFonts team is wishing you a happy and successful 2012 wherever you are! While doing that they have released a nice list of their most popular fonts based on sales in a broad range of typeface categories. Each of them is also available as a webfont, so you can use them as typography for you website.

Reina by Maximiliano Sproviero

Reina - Web Font

Reina is inspired by the sweet letters of calligraphy and typography masters of the past. It’s aim was to incorporate the decorative accolades from blackletter and copperplate styles of calligraphy into a Modern Roman typeface.

Calluna Sans by Jos Buivenga

Calluna Sans - Web Font

Calluna Sans resemblance an oldstyle text face that comes with a sans-serif companion, harmonizing beautifully with it.

Alana by Laura Worthington

Alana - Web Font

Alana was designed by lettering artist Laura Worthington to be a natural-looking and subtly irregular web font. Alana strikes a nice balance between a casual and a formal script face.

Sánchez by Daniel Hernandez

Sanchez - Web Font

Sánchez is the first extensive Latino family suitable for body text as well as headlines. Sánchez slab serif offers more personal lettershapes than most slab serif classics, and subtly rounded edges.

Belluccia by Debi Sementelli and Brian J. Bonislawsky

Belluccia - Web Font

Belluccia is the product of a new joint venture named Correspondence Ink comprising lettering artist Debi Sementelli and type designer Brian Bonislawsky of Astigmatic fame. Belluccia is a lovely handwritten font has a semi-formal script with a rugged edge that successfully mimics custom calligraphy.

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