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Mutable, a flamboyant font

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Mutable, a flamboyant font by Paulo Goode

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Mutable is a flamboyant and morphing display font created by designer Paulo Goode. This expressive font family was specifically crafted for display purposes, offering a vibrant and lively personality. With an abundance of alternates, Mutable is packed with loads of character. It boasts an impressive glyph count, surpassing 2,400 unique characters. The font family encompasses nine weights across two widths, ranging from the delicate and wispy Narrow Thin to the bold and commanding Ultra. What’s more, Mutable is a variable font, granting you the freedom to select any weight or width in-between, further enhancing its mutability. The type family supports an extensive character set that encompasses all Latin European languages.

To top it off, you can instantly try out Mutable as the Regular weight is available as a free download. This allows you to experience the font firsthand and explore its dynamic capabilities.

Mutable font details

DesignerPaulo Goode
Formats: Open Type OTF, True Type TTF
Glyphs: Basic Latin, Diacritics, Currency, Small Caps, Alternates
Styles: Thin, Extra Light, Light, Medium, Bold, Black, Ultra Black, Italics, Old Style Figures
Licensing: Check the Mutable font licensing options
Released: April 20, 2023
Price: starting from $0 for one font, to $199 for all 19 fonts family.

Mutable font glyphs