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Nemocón is a south american display typeface created by Carlos Fabián Camargo Guerrero and published by Andinistas. Featuring over 2200 glyphs and 6 styles, Nemocón is a handmade marvel influenced by XIX century native american brush type making it very usable in many contexts like showing a message and graphic design. You cannot go wrong with this font!


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Nemocón font details

Formats: Open Type OTF
Glyphs: Basic Latin/English Letters, West European Diacritics, Currency, Central Europe, Ligatures, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian
Style: Regular, Tuscan, Catchwords, Shadow, Dingbats, Containers
Licence: Desktop, Webfont, App, Server, eBook
Note: “Nemocón” is a trademark name of Andinistas.
Released: 2014
Price: starting from $24.67 for one font, with all 6 fonts for $99.95