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Sangli font by Jeremy Dooley

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Sangli is a sans serif typeface created by Jeremi Dooley and published by insigne which is based on two old fonts Chennai & Madurai. It has the same core structure as them, but is more versatile then Chennai and not that formal as Madurai. It is available in 6 weights (from Light to Black) and their italics, with condensed & extended options. It is characterized by Softened Apexes, Humanist touches, Geometric forms, Geometric constructions, Lively character & Medium x-height. Also it has multilingual supports. It can be use for a lot of future projects, display, headline, logo, magazine, text and so on.

Sangli font details

Designer: Jeremi Dooley
Foundry: Insigne
Glyphs: Basic Latin, Diacritics, Currency, Euro, Ligatures, Small Caps, Central Europe, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian, Alternates, Swash
Styles: Basic, Condensed, Extra Condensed, Thin, Light, Book, Regular, Medium, DemiBold, Bold, XBold, Black, Italics
Licence: Desktop, Webfont, App, eBook, Server
Released: 2015
Note: Sangli is a trademark of Insigne.
Price: starting from $24,99 for one font to $ 149 for all 54 fonts.