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Tuna is a contemporary typeface created by Felix Braden together with Alex Rütten and published by Ligature Inc which is available in 5 weights and their italics. It is characterized by low contrast, strong angle, dynamic structure derived from broad nib pen-writing, large x-height, moderate extenders, horizontal emphasis, heavy, slightly arched serif, open aperture and large counters. It is ideal for editorial use, optimized for on screen reading. With more than 700 glyphs, it supports all Western, Eastern & Central-European languages. Cannot miss it!

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Tuna font details

Designer: Felix Braden, Alex Rütten
FoundryLigature Inc
Formats: Open Type OTF, Windows True Type TTF
Glyphs: Basic Latin, Diacritics, Euro, Central Europe, Ligautures, Alternates, Small Caps, Stylistic set
Styles: Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Heavy, Italics
Licence: MyFonts Tuna font License
Released: 2016
Price: starting from $49,00 for one font to $249,00 for all 10 fonts.