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Typnic is an handmade typeface created by Manuel Eduardo Corradine and published by Corradine Fonts that is available in 18 fonts, 3 different compatible styles (Compact, Swash, Complements), including labels, ornaments, patters, dingbats sets. Each styles has some characteristics. The Headline styles contains 6 layered fonts (Regular, Highlight, Highlighted, Inline, Shadow, Fill) that you can combine and can create beautiful things. Typnic Script has 6 variants ideal for informal texts and Typnic Roman can be use to add secondary text. Exploits & enjoy Typnic!


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Typnic font details

Foundry: Corradine Fonts
Glyphs:Basic latin/English letters; Only available in some of styles in this family: West European diacritics, Euro       Styles: Script, Regular, Compact, Swash, Swash 2, Swash 3, Complements, Ornaments, Headline, Shadow, Inline, Fill, Headline Highlight, Headline Highlighted, Roman, Titling, Labels, Patterns, Dingbats
Licence: Desktop, Webfont, App, eBook, Server
Released: 2015
Note: Typnic is a trademark of Corradine Fonts.
Price: all 18 fonts $95