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Xaloc is an asymetrical serif created by Ricardo Santos and published by Tiponautas which was designed for editorial use. It comes in 4 different font version (Caption, Text, Subhead & Display) each in 3 styles (Regular, Bold, Heavy) and italics. It has different optical sizes, x-height, proportions & contrast. Xaloc keeps the original base of Tramuntana but it has more mechanical design. Enjoy!


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Xaloc font details

Foundry: Tiponautas
Glyphs: Any Open Type Features, Basic latin/English letters, West European diacritics, Currency,Ligatures, Small Caps, Central Europe, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian, Open Type Alternates, Other Open Type, Dingbats & Symbols; Only is available in some of the styles in this family: Open Type Contextual                                                                                           Styles: Caption, Text, Subhead, Display, Regular, Bold, Heavy, Italics
Licence: Desktop, Webfont
Released: 2015                                                                                                                                                                                       Note: Xaloc is a trademark of Tiponautas.
Price: starting from $20,50 for one font to $135,00 for all 24 fonts