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Zing Sans Rust

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Zing Sans Rust font cover

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Zing Sans Rust is a textured hand made typeface created by Plamen Motev together with Svet Simov and published by Fontfabric which is available in 37 weights and more than 300 icons. With moderate proportion is ideal for logo, headline, text. Also it merge perfactly for editorial purpose, display, packaging, print etc.

Zing Sans Rust font details

Designer: Plamen Motev, Svet Simov
Foundry: Fontfabric
Formats: Open Type OTF
Glyphs: Basic Latin, Diacritics, Euro, Central Europe, Ligatures, Alternates, Cyrillic, Small Caps
Styles: Light Base, Light Base Grunge, Light Base Halftone A, Light Base Line Diagonals, Light Fill Grunge, Light Fill Halftone A, Light Fill Line Diaginals, Regular Base, Regular Base Grunge, Regular Base Halftone A, Regular Base Line Diagonals, Regular Fill Grunge, Regular Fill Halftone A, Regular Fill Line Diagonals, Semibold Base, Semibold Base Grunge, Semibold Base Halftone A, Semibold Base Line Diagonals, Semibold Fill Grunge, Semibold Fill Halftone A, Semibold Fill Line Diagonals, Semibold Base, Semibold Base Grunge, Semibold Base Halftone A, Bold Base Line Diagonals, Bold Fill Grunge, Bold Fill Halftone A, Bold Fill Line Diagonals, Goodies BBQ Icons, Goodies BBQ Icons Grunge, Goodies Banners, Goodies Banners Grunge, Goodies Bakery Icons, Goodies Bakery Icons Grunge,  Goodies Word, Goodies Word Grunge,
Licence: MyFonts Zing Sans Rust font license
Released: 2017
Note: “Zing Sans Rust” is a trademark of Fontfabric.
Price: starting from $27,00 for one font to $99,00 for all 37 fonts