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112 Hours

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112 Hours is the 15th collection of fonts created by Rian Hughes and published by Device that is dedicated to numbers. This super family font contains 120 fonts inspired by clock faces, tickets, watches house numbers. It has only numbers (no letters) from 1 to 12 and some small set of supporting characters. The author has traveled the world to discover different kinds of notations of numbers. All gathered in this family font!


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112 Hours font details

Foundry: Device
Glyphs:Basic latin/English letters; Only available in some of styles in this family: Euro
Styles: Annex, Aphrodite, Appartement, Atto, Atto Zag, Battleship, Belmont, Betws-y-Coed, Blastdoor, Blastdoor Solid, Bond, Boudoir, Brampton, Buzz, Capside, Cameron, Carriage, Cashtill, Chiffrage, Chrono, Click, Coupon, Crate, Darvell, Debit, Diadem, Dieppe, Discount, Distaff, District, Domino Black, Domino White, Dunromin, Dunromin Solid, Elgin, Emboss, Enamel, Excursion, Exit Ramp, Flow, Fluoro, Forever, Fortnight, Fortnight Solid, Georgia, Grocer, Hal, Hal Shadow, Hends, Inces, Inkjet, Input, Ironclad, Jackpot, Keystroke, Kowloon, Lampard, Laney, Liberty, Lotto, Luggagetag, Maison, maison Solid, Matrix Overinked, Matrix Underinked, Merci, Metropolitan, Missile, Moderne, Mugshot, Nantes, Parker, Perpetual, Pixel, Plate, Player, Porthmadoc, Prestige, Punchquartz, Quinn, Recon, Regiment, Return, Roosevelt, Salisbury, Savoy, Serial, Shine, Smokebox, Steel, Steeplechase, Straight, Stub, Sturminster, Sudbury, Tally, Telegraph, Throughput, Thursday, Ticket, Timestam, Tomorrow, Tote, Transom, Tricoire, Trunk, Twelve, Urgent, Vanity, Vantage, Vector, Veronika, Vesper, Visage, Voucher, Wharf, Willow, Woodville, Worthing
Licence: Desktop, Webfont
Released: 2015
Price: all 120 fonts $490,00