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Les Fruits font

Les Fruits

Les Fruits is an original water brush font created and published by Nicky Laatz, a graphic, letterer and typographic design agency from Santa Monica, California (USA). Coming with a casual air and watercolor design, Les Fruits features bold hand visuals and lots of extra Photoshop goods like ink splatters, Photoshop foils, Illustrator swatches and a very handy help file on how to use the effects. Experience a brush revolution with Les Fruits!
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Centrifuge font


Centrifuge is a slab serif typeface created by Jesse R Ewing and published by Midwest Type which is available in 3 weights. Inspired by the old manufacturer badges, is characterized by geometric shapes, wedge serif and sharply angled terminals. It is a versatile font perfect for all kind of uses like display, packaging, text, headline etc.
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Realtime font


Realtime is a monospaced typeface created & published by Juri Zaech that was inspired by the functional design where transmission of information is key. It comes in 5 weights (from Light to Black), proportional set, some useful OpenType Features and over 200 language support. Design features has Tall x-height, cropped diagonals, short descenders for compact information display. You might want to check a soft version of Realtime: Realtime Rounded.
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Skolar Sans font

Skolar Sans

Skolar Sans is a sans serif typeface created by David Brezina together with Sláva Jevcinová and published by Rosetta that is useful in all sorts of projects (book, magazine, newspaper, text etc.) It is available in 72 fonts, 4 subtly graded width variants, Opentype Features and multilingual support. 
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112 Hours font

112 Hours

112 Hours is the 15th collection of fonts created by Rian Hughes and published by Device that is dedicated to numbers. This super family font contains 120 fonts inspired by clock faces, tickets, watches house numbers. It has only numbers (no letters) from 1 to 12 and some small set of supporting characters. The author has traveled the world to discover different kinds of notations of numbers. All gathered in this family font!
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Congenial font


Congenial is a warm and friendly sans serif typeface created & published by Laura Worthington which is available in 10 weights (from Hairline to Black) to suit your every need. Solve your design with characters from A to Z, some hand-drawn elements and generous x-height & highly differentiated characters. Enjoy!
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Trasandina font


Trasandina is a sans serif typeface created by Fernando Diaz and published by TipoType which is characterized by versatility and flexibility. It contains 9 styles matching italics, uses weight interpolation models and includes 18 carefully calculated weights. With it’s +800 characters per styles, Trasandina covers more than 200 latin language. Also it has a wide range of OpenType Features. Is available a web version with hinting which allows it to render well in small sizes on screen. Makes it perfectly for all sorts of uses! 
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Stylist Pro font

Stylist Pro

Stylist Pro is an hand drawn typeface created by Hanneke Classen and published by Fontforecast which is available in 5 styles ideal for greeting cards, logo, magazine, invitations, packaging, romantic projects. You can use stylistic tricks. It has swash, contestual alternates, stylistic sets, Upper Case and Lower Case, combining them you can have beautiful results. Use Caps + standard ligatures to activale interlocking pairs or Caps + discretionary ligatures to have vertical combinations. Ornaments include matching seamless titles. Also it has multilingual support. Enjoy!
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Typnic font


Typnic is an handmade typeface created by Manuel Eduardo Corradine and published by Corradine Fonts that is available in 18 fonts, 3 different compatible styles (Compact, Swash, Complements), including labels, ornaments, patters, dingbats sets. Each styles has some characteristics. The Headline styles contains 6 layered fonts (Regular, Highlight, Highlighted, Inline, Shadow, Fill) that you can combine and can create beautiful things. Typnic Script has 6 variants ideal for informal texts and Typnic Roman can be use to add secondary text. Exploits & enjoy Typnic!
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Vito font


Vito is a sans serif superfamily typeface created by Thomas Gabriel and published by Typejockeys. Vito Essential package has 20 hand-picked font but all family package is available in 60 styles, 5 widths (Normal, Condensed, Compressed, Extended & Wide) each with 6 weights (from ExtraLight to Black) and their italics, OpenType Features and many more included. All this makes Vito a flexible font, ideal to use for typographic projects. Also is great for magazine, packaging, branding, movie titles etc. Do your job and have fun!
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