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Benton Sans

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Benton Sans is created by Cyrus Highsmith, Tobias Frere-Jones and published by Font Bureau. Originally influenced by the Smithsonian drawings and developed as a re-imagining of 1908 classic, the News Gothic typeface by Morris Fuller Benton, Benton Sans‘ designers added lots of new features, refinements and over 128 weights and styles. Due to all these improvements, Benton Sans has gained a lot popularity in publishing and print media, making it appropriate to newspapers, magazines, books and corporate use.

Benton Sans font details

Foundry: Font Bureau
Formats: Open type OTF, True Type TTF
Glyphs:  Basic Latin, English Letters, Diacritics, Currency, Ligatures, Dingbats & Symbols, Other Open Type features
Licence: Desktop
Trademark: Benton Sans is a registered trademark name of The Font Bureau, Inc. and its respective designers.
Released: 2000
Price: starting from $40 for one font, with all 128 fonts for $3,200