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Kepler is a classic modern workhorse type family created by Robert Slimbach and published by Adobe. Named after Johannes Kepler, the renown German Renaissance astronomer, Kepler is a humanistic font family that was during a 6 year period of intensive design and has an enormous 168 typefaces, from compressed to black. With elegant and refined lines, based on oldstyle proportions and classic calligraphic details, Kepler delivers a much need warmth and energy into every typographic endeavor. Astronomically beautiful!


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Kepler font details

Foundry: Adobe
Formats: Open Type OTF
Glyphs: Basic Latin, Diacritics, Currency, Ligatures, Small Caps, Swashes, Dingbats & Symbols
Styles: Standard, Light, Italic, Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Black, Bold, Condensed, SemiCondensed, Extended, Caption, Display, SubHead
Licence: Desktop, Webfont, App, eBook, Server
Trademark: Kepler is a registered trademark font name of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States.
Released: Between 1996 and 2003
Price: starting from $35 for one font, all 168 fonts $4116